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During trying and uncertain times, American Patriots must stand together. Sharing survival techniques and resources, bartering and relying on your neighbor may be necessary for a long-term, survival situation. When SHTF, networking with like-minded preppers and survivalists, may be handy when your mechanic skills are lacking and can't visit Pete-up-the-street for radiator help. You see, Pete's a nice guy and would gladly do it anytime. However, things are different now. We were all on lockdown and a storm subsequently flooded our city. Come to think of it, Pete used to poke fun at me for all this prepping "nonsense". Pretty ironic considering I have food and clean water. Now I'm suddenly very aware of how many know about the stockpile in my basement. Anyway, so Pete's kids haven't eaten in nearly a week, but he loves America - same as you and I. He knows that FEMA is scheduled to arrive, any day now, with aid. What he really doesn't know is our government has delayed help for another 3 weeks. Pete's probably about to lose it and may be willing to do anything to feed his family. I'd stay clear, for now.

Note: Pete-up-the-street is a fictional character created for a hypothetical situation.

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